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Season 2

Our brains run so fast, don't you think? Till Usain Bolt finishes his race, we'd tear finish ribbon and embark on a journey of world. In a seconds, it reaches to many possibilities and their solutions. Milk's not made up yet, but brain? It thinks about selling yogurt.
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End of season 1

This is obvious that I'm out of emotions. I didn't receive any comment and this emotion is desperate. I'm thinking about to start with a new blog subject. Very few times you read blog with seasons, right? I thought I should do something different. I was hoping that someone would suggest something to write, but didn't.

     I'm going to bring a new subject with fresh and motivating perspective, so stay with me.

Where do you want to belong?

There are two parts of world- day and night. Day represents all good and night represents all evil and bad.

     ‘‘There’s a monster lies within’’.

       Sometimes we conquer it or it conquers us. When you’re on edge of evil, just think one thing – where do you want to belong?

       Good world contains good people, selfless relations, love, kindness, satisfaction, stability.

       Bad world contains all contradictory of good world. There’s a monster lies within us, so it’s totally up to you whether to live below or above it.

      We’re humans and its not great discovery, but discovery of ourselves is crucial discovery. We may make mistakes and get violent too, but two evil words may damage our whole godlike life.

       Patience is the strongest suit of good world where bad world offer you simple options at first, but later only grief we get.

      When you feel nice, naive joy you feel like you’re in the heaven and you should remember it as a memory mark. If you feel to be…

Life is transient, so how do you plan to live it ?

     Life is transient. Don’t waste it living miserable or in worries. Human’s been on the Earth from millions years. If you calculate, your 100 year life is like transient.

     We live as human, so we’ve our own advantage being most intelligent species on the Earth. We eat, wear, think, decide in our life which we get only once, so it’s up to us how to live.

     If it’s transient, then why on someone else’s term? We’re born to do something new, challenging, and fantastic only if we figure out what we’re made for or passionate about? If we figure out, then slowly you’ll figure out that there’s always room in your desired career to do something great.

     Nothing matters more than you. Every human is different and made for something great. There’s a saying – live like life’s transient and study like eternal.

Aspire to inspire

Whenever I got low, I used to look for an inspiration that I rarely found it. We hear inspiration stories of legends, but sometimes those fail to inspire us. We often get inspired by examples which exist among us.
     We may belong to different countries, but our motive is same – success; it can be anything. Many times, we fail to take action and we need a spark of inspiration. It’s our duty to inspire each other by our efforts, work, and success.
     While my opening my blog, I was thinking like what I’m going to write about. I came up with many ideas, but mostly went into trash. After pondering many days, what I lacked should be given – inspiration.
     I decided to write a blog to inspire people, but problem is – I don’t know that do I even inspire few? Is anything inspiring? No one comments, there’s no feedback. How would I know?
     I write and post. There’s been only one motive behind all of these posts – inspiration. You never know what may inspire you? Or what will y…

There are many types of worry; which do you have?

Worry kills us quite everyday. Death finishes our flesh, but worry kills us from within while we’re in the flesh.  If you’re worried about your career, exam, or project, then you’ve academic worries.
     If you’re worried about your relationships, then you’ve relation worried.
     Worry doesn’t solve the problem. You’ve to solve the problem, so why do you worry? You must be thinking that it’s not easy or it’s not that simple. Almost 90% worries come from us. I don’t mean to insult your emotions, but that’s a fact. You can overcome your worries by doing one step at a time. And you’ll be less worried. It’s not hard at all. Just take any step toward your problem.
     Worries stop your mind and brain.
It shows us like - there’s nothing you can do but worry.
Worries will solve the problem.
All doors are closed.
    If you think of problem as a challenge, your mindset will change. If you think about you’ll get a reward after completing it, then your all strategy will change. You’l…

Don't you think expectations are the root of sorrows?

Mostly our sorrows come from expectations; especially from others. Where there’s relation, expectations are there. Unexpected expectations may harm you very badly.

     We expect something from someone unknowingly that ‘someone’ is unaware of.

     There’s nothing wrong expecting something from someone. You should tell ‘someone’ your expectations.

     In addition to that, there’s nothing wrong expecting something from yourself. If you strive, you dive.        

     Expectations come from others may be disappointing.

     Expectations are the root of many sorrows. Surprise is the other side of life.

    If expected thing happens, we'll not wonder. We know in our heart somewhere that expectations are side of surprise; either ecstasy or sorrow.

   Many of us live life of sorrows which we shouldn’t have lived. We never deserved this kind of life. We expected, nothing happened as we thought, we got low.

      Our entire life is surrounded by expectations. Nothing is wrong in th…